Friday, 19 August 2016

Arrived in London

We have arrived in London. The flight was about as good as can be expected in modern travel. It was on time and not totally full. It is really great that we have the direct flights out of St. John's to London.

Heathrow is a bit overwhelming. It seems to be about the size of St. John's. We walked for over ten or fifteen minutes to get to immigration, then another walk of the same length to get to the Express Train. Then we were at Paddington Station in about fifteen minutes.

The Express Train is really nice. There is a place to put luggage, comfy seats and wifi. It is way more expensive than the Tube, but not so bad if you buy your tickets in advance. I bought ours on a 30 day advance ticket basis.

We are at the Mitre House Hotel. It was a five minute walk from the station. I expected that we would just leave our bags and come back later to get our room, but they gave us a room right away. We crashed for a couple of hours and then met Po's friend Clara for lunch.

She and Po are grieving their mutual friend who passed away suddenly a couple of weeks ago after she and Clara visited Newfoundland.  After lunch we walked around Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens and then ended the visit with a delicious Indian supper.

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