Saturday, 20 August 2016

We are at Heathrow again. We took a long walk today, doing a bit of the London tourist thing. We went past Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, etc. I took a few photos when the mobs allowed. When we were almost back to the hotel we passed through a Lebanese neighbourhood. Just as I was thinking that this was more interesting than all the touristy spots like the palace, Po said, "I like this better than all those touristy spots." London was fine, but my heart was not really into experiencing the place as it was only included to give a margin of error on the connection (not needed) and to get a good night's sleep before a long 12 hour, overnight flight (got that).

We did have a couple of good meals. I was two for two on restaurants. I chose a little French bistro this afternoon. I had the best French toast of my life. I was silly enough to ask for some syrup. The waiter suggested it was not necessary. He was right. He said, "Oh, you mean like with bacon and all that. This is real French toast."

We zipped into Heathrow on the return ticket of the Heathrow Express. It dropped us at Terminal 3; there is a free train to Terminal 4. We had to walk past some crazy lines for other airlines such as China Air. At the very end we found Air Mauritius with a short line up. We survived security although Po set off the alarm and was scanned. Now we have a long wait for the plane.

But tomorrow we will be in Madagascar. After all these months it is happening.

I have had problems posting from my iPad, so will post this and then add the photos from today.

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