Thursday, 18 August 2016

At the Airport, On our Way

We are through check in and security, really early, although I prefer it that way. It is really nice using our little airport. Tomorrow morning we will arrive at a bit bigger place, Heathrow. Thanks to our friends Mary Pat and Dennis for giving us supper and a ride to the airport.

Before we left Pouch Cove, we stopped to see our good friend, Shirley. She is not sure we are coming back. We are instructing all our friends to keep Shirley informed as to our status.

This is a relatively short flight tonight. I am so happy to have a direct flight from St. John's rather than having to back track to Toronto. We arrive at 6:30. I have booked tickets on the train into London. It goes to Paddington Station, so I booked a hotel nearby.


  1. I hope you had a good flight a caught a few hours of sleep. Tina

  2. Very little. It is a short flight, then they wake you up to feed you breakfast before you land at what is about 3 am in Newfoundland. We had lunch with Clara and walked in Hyde Park, now having lattes. It is rainy off and on.