Sunday, 18 September 2016

Flight Home - London to St. John's

September 17

We went downstairs for our breakfast. There was a great assortment of croissants, yoghurt, cereal, fruit and juices. We could also order a full breakfast. It was all included. But after all the continental breakfasts in Madagascar I had to order some eggs.

While at breakfast we saw four other couples, all respectable looking. So my choice of this place was not so crazy. It was actually not bad at all, although the room was quite small, very typical for a London area hotel. We were so used to the huge rooms we have had for the past month.

At 10:00 our driver from yesterday picked us up. We had a nice visit on the way to the airport. It felt so strange in the car after our rides on the roads in Madagascar. The driver’s comments about other drivers seemed so funny after what Josy had to deal with all the time.

We were leaving from Terminal 2. We checked in and then took a long trip to our gate. Our gate was noted on our boarding pass, but the board actually has a warning not to proceed down to the far gates until your gate is confirmed on the board. It takes about 15 minutes to get there. We decided to take the long trip in spite of the warning.

We got to the general area and saw a sign that directed us further down to our gate. We decided to stop in that area as there were a few businesses around. We waited there. Po had a coffee.

Our gate was confirmed on the board. We went down the corridor and found where Air Canada is kept. It is the last gates of Terminal 2. When the flight was called, the attendants had to shout out the boarding instructions as there was no PA system.

The flight was not crowded so Po and I ended up with the three seats to ourselves. They gave us a little lunch. I listened to music while reading a book on my iPad. Occasionally I would flip through my photographs of the trip.

I was so happy to be going home but so happy to have had the experience. Our great adventure was over.

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