Monday, 5 September 2016

Vaza, Photo!

The Malagache word for foreigner is vazaha, for short vaza. It has sounds to me more like waza, or the slang phrase in the US made common in the TV commercial as “wassup”.  So I want to shout it back at all the children in the villages who yell it at me. When we drive through small villages you can hear the serenade off,  “vaza!”. If I am walking with my camera, after the vaza comes photo, sounding to me like “Waza Photo!” 

When I walk through the villages I am a magnet. The children and many adults ask me to take their photos. Many times they want to see the result, other times they are just happy to have it taken. The children generally strike a pose. I now feel an obligation to save all these photographs. Here are a couple.

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