Friday, 9 September 2016

What is Missing

Two things that are missing in my blog are reflections on Madagascar and photographs. My blog is full of what we had to eat, whether our showers were hot, etc. Now, of course, these are quite important things to us when we travel. We do love the hot showers when we get them, and the toast made from fresh bread is a marvellous thing to find at breakfast.

But there are more important things that I will eventually want to discuss, things like the whole issue of us being here, whether that is a good thing, whether I am being exploitive for taking some many photographs, am I invading their privacy, etc.?

As tourists you only have a very superficial experience. We are not living here. For the most we are only interacting with the people who are working quite hard to look after our needs as tourists, the drivers and guides, hotel staff, etc. And then I am the vaza with the camera. So I interact behind a viewfinder even if I often show them the results afterwards.

We have been so busy, on the go, seeing things or bouncing up and down in the vehicle to get really into these things, but I have thought about them. My plan to is to put my thoughts down after the trip is over.

As I have mentioned again and again, I have found the technical part of posting to the blog quite frustrating. Posting things to Facebook is much easier on slow internet connections. The process for getting photographs put on the blog is especially bad. I have tried different times. Usually I give up as it just freezes. So my Facebook friends have seen many photographs. Anyone just reading the blog only a few. When I get back and review my thousands of photos, I will compile different galleries based on the trip, both chronologically and by theme. These I can put on my website where I have better control.

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